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October 2019

To Whom it May Concern:

My letter is a reference and recommendation for the exceptional private duty services of Joanne MacInnis RN and her company, Aberdeen Home Care. Aberdeen assumed 24/7 home care for a patient of mine who had many special considerations. Joanne was proficient in both her staffing and management of the case and has continued to serve in a private duty nursing capacity at the patient’s request.

The direct nursing care skills of Joanne and her company were excellent, and my patient progressed extremely well in their care. Aberdeen was discreet and professional, earning the patient’s and my trust and confidence. I was and continue to be provided with up-to-date relevant information on the patient’s condition which helps me as I continue treatment.

I am pleased to recommend the services of Aberdeen Home Care as a premier provider of concierge in-home private care. I will certainly seek the services of Joanne and Aberdeen for my patients in the future.


David R. King, MD

Attending Surgeon

MGH Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery & Surgical Critical Care

December 18, 2018

This is the third large city where I have run a large hospice and palliative care organization (also Chicago and Buffalo.)  Over the 40 years of my healthcare leadership career, you can be sure that I have worked with many, many home care and private duty firms – big and small. The staff and management at Aberdeen live and breathe their mission for service and whole-person care.  They know the patients, of course, but they also know the family and the many other elements that impact the confident experiences that people need to feel safe and well-cared for in their home. In addition, I appreciate their commitment to community service and their dedication to educating the public through their radio show and newspaper columns about caring for an older loved one.

Patricia Ahern, RN, MBA, FACHE
President & Chief Executive Officer

Care Dimensions  | Danvers, MA

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I am so grateful for Aberdeen’s diligent and thorough care for my 96-year-old cousin, especially during a health crisis over this past weekend. Ordinarily an Aberdeen caregiver is scheduled to be with my cousin just a few mornings per week, and there was no one on duty last Friday when some visiting neighbors became concerned that she was unwell and phoned Aberdeen for help. 

The Aberdeen Case Manager, Diana Shepherd, promptly rushed over to my cousin’s house to check and take care of her. Diana then stayed with my cousin until she could arrange for Aberdeen caregivers to stay with her 24/7 until the health crisis passed. I appreciate that it was not easy to find caregivers on such short notice, and am grateful to those kind caregivers who rearranged their schedules during this busy holiday season just to be with my cousin. 

I live four hours away, so having this dedicated team in place means the world to me, and gives me great peace of mind. I cannot say enough good things about Aberdeen, and Diana and her wonderful caregivers! 

Cecily Baran  |  December 2019

Hi Joanne –

I’m not sure whether we’ve ‘officially’ met, but I follow your show each weekend on Northshore 104.9.

I wanted to drop you a note to say that I think you do an incredible job each morning with your updates on the Morning show.

You come prepared. You bring optimism, intelligence and a conversation that puts everyone at ease.

Thanks for all you do.  Keep up the good work, and perhaps we can catch up after this pandemic.

Stay safe,



Marc S. Freedman CFP® | Freedman Financial |  Peabody, MA  |  April 2020

Aberdeen Home Care is a group of the most compassionate people who are dedicated to helping others in their time of need. Thank you for all you do for the community including your support of our Walk for Hospice.

Amy Rein, Development Special Events Manager at Care Dimensions  |  Danvers, MA  |  September 2020

Dear Diana, Joanne and Pam, 

Please forgive the tardiness of this note, we have been meaning to send our thanks to you and “Team Aberdeen” for quite some time but as you know life gets in the way! Rose thankfully was able to overcome the health challenge of blood clots in her lungs along with two hospitalizations and two recuperative periods in a rehab facility. She is now settling in to her new surroundings in a local assisted living setting and thankfully seems to be acclimating well. 

We will always be grateful for the help and support, although brief, that you provided her as well as us. You are a Godsend and a “caring voice,” – still listening every Sunday :) – in what can be a very chaotic and stressful time for so many families in similar situations. We recommend you to everyone in need of these services. Again our sincere thanks for all your care and concern. Our wish is for a Happy Healthy and Peaceful Holiday Season to you, your families and staff! 

Joe and Kathi Czarnecki  |  Danvers, MA  |  December 2019

A member of my family was critically in need of expert medical advocacy and home care. We were so fortunate to engage with Aberdeen Home Care of Danvers. The owner of the company, Joanne MacInnis RN, visited my family member in the hospital on numerous occasions, provided the in hospital private care that was needed and even visited with me when I was having an issue, serving as an effective advocate for us both.

The care provided by Aberdeen is very different from other agencies. The caregivers and nurses are skilled and compassionate. They are problem solvers, they can think “outside the box” and are true advocates.

My family member did not receive the amount of attention I felt that should have been given in the hospital setting and Joanne facilitated a discussion with the Emergency Room Attending Physician which resulted in a change of treatment plan, all for the better.

My family member is now at home, recovering well after a medical crisis, that could have had a very different outcome. Without hesitation, I can recommend the services of  Joanne MacInnis RN and her agency, Aberdeen Home Care as a premier provider of the best quality in home care and medical advocacy.

Barbara Sullivan  |  Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA  |  November 2019

Dear Joanne:

This note is to tell you how very proud and happy I am to have read the article in the Boston Globe about the high ratings Aberdeen was given. You do a wonderful job at matching help to patients and are highly respected in this field.

I have been with you a long time now and feel so grateful to you, and to Jaquie who does such a good job, too. Please congratulate Nicole on her big award. I am one happy camper!

Enjoy the season!

Very sincerely, Jane Dwight

Jane Dwight  |  Wenham, MA  |  November 2019

January 2018

Dear Marty and Wonderful Aides:

Thank you ALL, again for everything you did to make Curt’s last few weeks as safe and comfortable as possible.

I am indebted to you for many kindnesses along the way, to me and the family as well.

It was an intense period and you helped ease the strain on us all.

Thank you, Thank you.

Alice Dietrich | Danvers, MA

Dear Joanne,

I’m writing to say thank you for the services we received from Aberdeen. Our mother Brigid McIntosh died on January 13, the day after she was taken to the Kaplan House from Brooksby.

At the time we initiated care services with Aberdeen, we of course did not know how close to the end we were. But although we were only with Aberdeen for a short time, the assistance you provided was important to our family. In particular, I want to say that Pam and Joanne, the aides who stayed with our mom at different times during that week, gave excellent care at a time when the situation was changing very fast. Pam also helped us when she came to start a shift on the 12th and found, as we had just discovered, that our mother had begun to die during the night — I think I spoke to you then aswell.

We felt fortunate to have such experienced and thoughtful caregivers step in to our lives at that time–just wanted to pass that thought along to them and you.

Kathleen McIntosh  |  January 2018

We engaged Aberdeen Home Care (AHC) in the summer of 2017 to help with personal care for my 95- year-old father during an illness that evolved to a hospice arrangement in our home and ended with his passing in the early Fall. Our experience with AHC was positive in every respect throughout the period and extraordinary in several. We recommend AHC highly and without reservation to anyone who needs professional home care for themselves or for a loved one.

AHC was quickly responsive to every need from the very beginning of our relationship, from Joanne MacInnis, president of the company and a highly trained oncology nurse herself, down to the individual care providers who were our constant companions, 24/7, for more than a month. The team that supported us was uniformly knowledgeable, always cheery and attentive, and notably compassionate and gentle in their ministrations to my father.

Several things really stood out for us. Joanne was personally and directly involved throughout, not only overseeing the care plan for my father, but keeping us informed about what to expect and the reasons for the treatment regimen, and even spending time providing emotional support to our daughters in the difficult final stages of their grandfather’s illness.  Her energy, prodigious  knowledge and experience, and compassion were truly remarkable. When we received the terminal diagnosis, the AHC team integrated the hospice care providers seamlessly into the care routine, knowledgeably operating the medical support equipment provided and adjusting the care schedule to accommodate the various support staff from hospice on their visits. The AHC staff were instinctively  able to  adjust to  the highs and lows of the illness and hospice experience, knowing when to be present or to leave us in privacy, accommodating our wishes to be involved in the care duties, working around the stream of visitors and well-wishers, and they were really impressive and professional in the final stages of the disease and its aftermath.

Joanne and the team at AHC were absolutely terrific and we felt very lucky to have them at our side in a difficult time for our family. They are valuable resources and should be top-of-the-list for others facing similar challenges.

Jonathan Payson  |  Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA  |  September 2017

Dear Marty and Joanne,

I am writing to thank you for all your help as we have walked this path of caring for my Dad!!  First, and foremost, Joanne, I would like to let you know just how wonderful Marty is! Her help to our family has been awesome!! Her expertise has been heavily leaned on and much appreciated as we deal with the ever-challenging changes Dad is going through. I am so glad to be continuing her help now that Dad is in Riverbend! I would also like to tell you both that your staff has been excellent! They are all very caring and helpful. They were also very considerate of my Mom and how hard it was for her as she adjusted her routine and home.

There were a number of caregivers that were there for just a short time but I would like to recognize the caregivers that were there on a consistent basis.

Annet / Melissa / Dianah / Henry / Regina / John

Each one did such a wonderful job with my Dad. I would like to add it was often under difficult circumstances as my Dad did not adjust well to having caregivers and was often yelling and honestly, just plain mean!  In ALL instances each person remained calm, respectful, and helpful. Wow!!

I know my entire family feels fortunate that we found Aberdeen to help us through this difficult time! I also look forward to our continued teamwork with you Marty and with Melissa helping out twice a week at Riverbend.

Again, many thanks!!

Janis Malone  |  Gloucester, MA  |  July 2017

Dear Joanne,

I am writing this letter of strong recommendation for Aberdeen Home Care. You have provided an invaluable service for my parents for the past three years.

My brothers and I have found every one of your home health aides to be supremely professional and kind. We have a wonderful core group of four women who basically take care of all of my parents’ needs. They all communicate with and support each other and maintain a wonderful relationship with my parents, siblings and myself.

We feel blessed that our parents receive such outstanding care. Some of the services provided include meal preparation, ordering groceries, bathing, dressing, wound care, administration of medicines, cleaning, laundering, and keeping their spirits up.

We have tried another agency initially and can unequivocally say that there is no comparison. You provide superior care.

We are also very thankful to your administrative staff for the support and additional coverage when needed and the filing of insurance claims on a monthly basis.

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Aberdeen Home Care. Please feel free to share this with new clients.

Sally Sudbay Kane  |  Rockport, MA  |  November 2016

To whom it may concern:

Aberdeen Home Care Inc. has provided home health care services and household assistance to my parents since March 2013. I am writing this letter about my experiences with Aberdeen in the hope that it provides useful information and insight for families seeking home health care services.

My mother was the victim of stroke and required assistance with transfers, bathing, hygiene, medical monitoring and care beyond what my father, me and my siblings were able to manage. My parents also required assistance with housekeeping, laundry, cooking and other tasks in their home. Prior to March 2013 these needs were being met by another home services agency, which provided part-time basic care and housekeeping. Over time my mother’s needs grew, and it became clear that the capacity and capabilities of that agency were inadequate.

Aberdeen initially became involved in my mother’ s case in March 2013 after a medical situation required overnight RN-level care that had to be maintained for a period of time. Joanne MacInnis, President of Aberdeen, provided that service, while the other agency continued their services during the days. During that time my family saw that Aberdeen’s capabilities, training and quality of service were superior and we made the decision to transition over to them. For the remaining two years of my mother’ s life, Aberdeen provided the increasing levels of medical monitoring, transfer and care that she required .

A distinct benefit that Aberdeen provides is an RN-level case manager .  Joanne MacInnis is a highly-experienced RN with an extensive professional network and good relationships with my parent’s MD and his team.  She was well-qualified to respond to the various medical complications, injuries and issues with medications that occurred over the last two years of my mother’s life. Joanne would accurately communicate with the doctor about symptoms and other information my mother and father wanted to convey. She and her team were able to provide both responsive treatment and i involved follow-up care per the doctor’s plan.

As my mother became increasingly frail, it was vitally important to her to remain at home, to be up and about on a daily basis following her routine and be as physically and mentally active as possible. She made clear her negative opinions on intrusive procedures, especially 911 calls, and her approach to hospice care. Joanne and her team made it their priority to clearly understand her wishes, and respected them when delivering her care. Their understanding, compassion and skill made my mother’s last few months as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible. Joanne and her team enabled my mother to maintain quality of life until her death. At the end, she was bed-ridden for less than two days before she died peacefully at home in April 2015. That is both a testament to my mother’s determination to live well and to the quality of Aberdeen’s care.

Since her death Aberdeen has  provided care for my father. Though he does not require the level of medical attention that my mother  did,  he is 97 years old, and very active  both indoors and out . He does need monitoring day and night, and assistance around the house. His care givers see to his physical well-being, and do house keeping, laundry, menu planning, food shopping, cooking, cleaning up and any other household tasks requested.

When my mother was alive, Joanne worked diligently to select individual care givers to fit well with my parents’ personalities and evolving situation. She adjusted staffing as necessary to form a compatible team that integrated well into the household. Over time they became devoted to my parents and their well-being. For my father, it has been a great comfort to continue the already well-established relationships with Kate, Tara and Terri. He values their companionship in addition to their professionalism and competence. As a family, we value their dedication to his needs and well-being, and we especially value our good personal relationships with them, friendships actually, established over the past few years.

Joanne continues in the role of  my father’s case manager and is a trusted  advisor.  She maintains regular communication with her team, my family and my father’s doctor regarding his health and state of mind. Although Aberdeen’s capabilities are perhaps at a higher level than is necessary for him at this time, it is reassuring to know they are there ready to provide more-involved care if required. The peace of mind that we get with Aberdeen is worth a great deal. I recommend Aberdeen Home Care Inc. without reservation to anyone who is seeking a qualified and competent service.

William Lacroix Phippen  |  Wenham, MA  |  April 2016

Dear Joanne,

It is now four months since I made the first tentative phone call to you hoping to finally locate competent private duty home care for my 88 year old Father who had suffered a fractured hip, stage 3 ulcer, and a small stroke.

During the previous three months, I’d been through three disastrous experiences with nationally known home health care agencies. These agencies gave me no gains, no success, only lost time and careless services. I was truly disheartened.

After hearing about my attempts to employ competent caretakers, one of the nurses tending my Father post-operatively highly recommended Aberdeen. How right she was!

Considering the experiences I’d been through, I cautiously called and poured out my story and heart to you, Joanne. I am an organized and take charge person, yet at this point I was overwhelmed, physically and mentally exhausted. I needed help and needed it quickly.

Trying to give my Father the best care I could, I was doing it all….laundry, cooking, cleaning, PT exercises, medications, sleeping on the couch to be in 24/7 close proximity to Dad, toilet and shower activities…. and these are just a few of the necessary round the clock aspects of elder care. I alone was handling almost every aspect of home care to heal my Father, keep him in his home and out of a long term facility, while reassuring him that all would turn out well and he is safe.

I slept very little and after the first week was completely exhausted. My husband helped as much as possible, but as a physician he had to be rested for the following day’s patients. It was a constant struggle to do all that was necessary and still do right by Dad.

I remember the relief I felt when you responded in such a take charge manner to my initial phone call. You listened to me, asked pertinent questions, and by the following morning awarded me one of the best phone calls I’ve ever received when you happily said, “Everything is taken care of, I put a plan together involving 4 of our most experienced care takers. Care will begin this evening 24/7 for the next 4 days with daytime care after that for as long as necessary to heal your Father.”

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when that phone call came in and the wave of relief and happiness that resulted for my Father, my husband and me.

You explained how home health care should work, the ins and outs of it, and  took a tremendous weight off my shoulders knowing all the while that my  Father would benefit from your care. That was the most important aspect to us…. his healing and safety and I knew I’d found the  perfect match for us in  Aberdeen.

Dad and I were then introduced to the four most wonderful, caring, compassionate, and loving women we could ever imagine. These ladies followed the structured wellness program that you compiled. You delivered a daily workbook with directions and goals and it was followed faithfully. Exercises were done, meals were cooked, toilet and showers were now competently accomplished, medications given on schedule, compassion and kindness expertly shown. All in a wonderful package that my Father and I needed to get him healed and back to his pre­ operative/ stroke stage.

We met not only these wonderful caretakers but others in your office. Dottie is a wizard at scheduling! Any problem or pop up doctor appointment finds a workable solution viaDottie within an hour or two. Suzanne in billing makes it so easy to keep track of finances and receipts. Everyone I’ve dealt with at Aberdeen has first and foremost a compassionate heart which makes Aberdeen care what I call “Platinum Care.”

Dad has healed so well that we begin 6 hour daily care as of July. We’ve decided that Dad will never be without Aberdeen care for the remainder of his life.

Thank you and your wonderful staff for compassion, caring, dedication and persistence in healing my Father so well. He looks forward to every morning and afternoon with his Aberdeen ladies as they have become his friends. What a wonderful experience we’ve had with Aberdeen.

God Bless you all.

Mary Ellen Koval Steeves & Dr. Philip E. Steeves  |  Wenham, MA  |  June 2015

Dear Joanne and “team,”

It is difficult to find the right words to convey our deep gratitude for the comfort your team provided not only my mother in her time of maximal need but also to my father at the time of bis deepest need as well. Each of the “Aides” demonstrated not only “ability” – much more importantly – they provided a remarkable degree of human caring and empathy in everything they did.

My mother lived a very dignified life and thanks to the empathetic care your team provided, she experienced a very dignified death as well. From the first visit, each of the caregivers demonstrated the foundation of the “Golden Rule:” treat others the way you would want to be treated. Indeed, each one provided such humanness in their care and concern.

My father likewise remains – and will forever remain – grateful for the love and caring your team showed for his “bride” of nearly 64 years. None of us is capable of either understanding the depth of that love after so many years or of the feeling of gratitude that your team provided for the woman of that love.

Perhaps the best expression of both dad’s gratitude and our appreciation of your team is that Anna will continue to help with dad’s physical and emotional needs – especially now while he is grieving. It gives us much solace to know that “Dad” is in the care of Anna. That Dad is comforted – gives us comfort as well.

Again, our deepest gratitude for the gifts your team provided mom and all of us in our time of need.

Monica S. Brems  |  Wenham, MA  |  November 2014

Dear Prospective Aberdeen family,

There is no way that I will ever be able to adequately thank Joanne and her team for what they have done for my wonderful mother and the rest of my family over the past few months. Prior to finding Aberdeen, we had tried other recommended caregivers with unsuccessful results. After meeting Joanne, I knew quickly that this professional, compassionate woman cared enough to take  over my job as primary caregiver for my 89- year-old mother.

Joanne is a skilled nurse and a remarkable person. She worked tirelessly to create a home culture that was full of grace and respect for my mother in her final months of life. We asked Aberdeen for around the clock care and Joanne went to work finding those on her team who she felt would be a good match for our family. They were a caring, trustworthy and smart group of women, who understood that beyond the cleaning and bandaging, sometimes the best care to give is simply the twinkle of an eye, the kind touch of a hand or sitting quietly to let the music play. They were discreet, dedicated and truly seemed to enjoy their work.

Each member of our team took the time to learn about my mother’s life – her interests, her sense of humor and what was important to her. Because of that, they were able to relate to her in a way that was far more than hired care-giving. These women became friends and would sometimes sit with us to hear more about our lives together, or to share the poignant or witty conversations with my mother that had transpired at 2:00 in the morning. We felt great relief knowing that they were with her.

Joanne is an exceptional, experienced nurse who offered to be as involved as we wanted her in every facet of the care whether it was facilitating with doctors, emergency care needs or counseling us on how she envisioned the health decline would progress. She was an extraordinary ally and clearly cared about the wellbeing of our entire family. As my mother transitioned through her decline, Joanne was the only professional who knew precisely what the changes meant and it was her wisdom that brought us all to my mother’s side in her final days. We will be eternally grateful for the way those days transpired, in all their sadness. We couldn’t have been in better hands and my mother felt loved and cared about by everyone who touched her in her last months.

I never imagined that we would find non-family members to care for our mother the way Joanne and her team did. Joanne is an ethical, thoughtful and gifted person, and her team reflects those values, which made this difficult transition for us a time of graceful calm and heartfelt support. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our experience. I wish you strength in the days ahead.

Lucy Crocker Abisalih  |  Merrimac, MA  |  October 2013

Dear Joanne,

I can’t believe it has been a month since my dad’s passing and 6-months since my mom’s. As I reflect on the last year and a half, I am not sure how we would have cared for and kept my parents safe, if it had not been for the professional staff of Aberdeen Home Care. I would love to share with you a few moments when your staff proved to be invaluable to our family.

Last winter my mom fell and hit her head. At that point in her life, she was fed up with hospitals and doctors. When I found her on the ground, she demanded I not call an ambulance. Enoch was in the house caring for my dad that night. He ran to my mom, picked her up, checked her over, and helped her into bed. Once she was settled, he stated “we need to call 911.11  We sadly soon discovered his observations were correct when we were told  she  suffered a brain hemorrhage and fractured wrist. I am certain Enoch saved my mom’s life that night because  I am not sure I would have called 911 had I been alone with her.

After the death of my mom, my dad’s care providers became more and more  like family. Not only did they care for my dad with respect and dignity, they held his hand, wiped his tears and listened to his many stories. On the days he felt good, they would drive him to Gloucester for Italian bread, Salem for popcorn, Church on Sunday or to field to see his grandsons play baseball! They knew what he liked to do and made sure he did not miss anything that was going on in our family. They would call or text us, checking in on the family’s schedule to see how they could include him that day.

The last story I would like to share.with you is about the night my dad passed. When it was apparent that he had only days left to spend with us on this earth, Kathy and Nicole got together, at my dad’s kitchen table, and made a 24/7 care schedule. You might be thinking to yourself , “okay that seems reasonable.” But that is not what happened, as I mentioned earlier, they became more and more like family. Neither Kathy nor Nicole was going to leave my dad’ s (or our) side during this time. They would be with him until he drew his last breath. Yes, there was a 24/7 schedule, but it included both ladies, together, providing my dad the dignity, care and love he deserved right to the end.

We are so thankful that companies such as Aberdeen exist. With my parents, complicated medical issues and physical limitations, we were not able to fulfill their end of life wishes on our own. But together with your staff, we were not only able to fulfill my parents ‘ wishes, but go beyond (all the way to Puerto Rico)

Thank you, Aberdeen. Job well done.

Laurie Johnson  |  Beverly, MA  |  February 2012

Dear Joanne:

On behalf of my siblings and our extended family, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff of Aberdeen Home Care Inc. When my mother, “Tutu” was diagnosed with pneumonia at age 91, we all assumed that she would respond to antibiotics and shortly thereafter start to enjoy the holidays with the rest of us as she always did. After a two week hospital stay it became clear to all of us, that this time her body just wasn’t able to recover and it was our decision to get her home in her own surroundings in her own bedroom and have 24 hour care.

Aberdeen Home Care was the best phone call we ever made. Our family was provided with information necessary to understand the process ahead of us. You and your staff became family.

The spiritual guidance was such a comfort for each of us, as the reality of losing “Tutu” began to sink in. Our family is large, and visitors were constantly coming in and going out. Each of your staff knew the importance of being unobtrusive when a family member was at her bedside. Each one understood their role as caregiver and had such compassion for the situation. Each transition of staff was smooth and they were punctual always, and often stayed awhile after their shift. All of us often referred to you and your staff as “our angels.” Clearly we bonded with you and each of them. Thank you again, all of you, for being there for us and for “Tutu.” It was a time that none of us will soon forget

God Bless You.

Mike Poor  |  Marblehead, MA  |  February 2012

Dear Joanne:

I am writing now, now that four months have passed since we began working together to bring Mrs. Arthur home to Ipswich, from Ledgewood Nursing Home after a debilitating stroke. This was a long term goal that I was not sure was possible, or advisable. Yet to honor her wishes, as her Health Care Proxy, and long time friend and neighbor, I worked toward that end.

Her discharge from the nursing home was more complicated than I had anticipated. I appreciated your involvement, in coming to the facility to meet her, and then to participate in complex meetings, where her care needs were identified, as was the plan for her home care post-discharge.

What actually took place was chaos, and you were involved from the start, to help me sort out a complex mess. Having you participate in, and in many cases run, meetings at her home to evaluate her future safety, logistical set up of furniture, careful assessment of what would be needed to accommodate all the new equipment, was incredibly helpful.

What a happy day is was on September 1, 2011, when she arrived back at her beloved home after such a long period away.

I could never have anticipated the complexity of a home care patient in her condition, and all that she would need. Your skill in the selection and development of a team of caregivers who not only had the skills to care for her physical needs, but also to see her as a whole person whose “mind, body and spirit” need to be cared for, has made this a wonderful experience.  Your caregivers not only have superior skills for meeting her every need, but also for creating an atmosphere of well being, which has been as therapeutic as any medication or treatment.

The bond that she has made with the team, in addition to having provided outstanding caregivers to her case, you have personally been involved in some very sensitive family dynamics and have been a helpful problem solver in numerous situations. As we are dealing with a network of people involved in her care that are not only outside the home, but out of town, you have been able to effectively communicate with even the most challenging member of this team, toward the most desired outcome… your patients maximal wellbeing.

There have been numerous issues that have arisen, all of which you have willingly taken on, to a very successful resolution. No matter what the issue, the wellbeing and quality of life for your patient was foremost in your mind, an.d at the center of your action.

I have been impressed and appreciative of how well you and your agency have worked with the various community health providers, both VNA and Hospice, and how your services have so well complemented each other. Your efforts to coordinate care and always have everyone “on the same page” were both: evident to, and appreciated by me.

I would never have thought, that a home care plan could be so complicated with all the details that it takes to make it work to its fullest potential. After having watched you for the past 4 months, and having closely worked with you sometimes on a daily basis during that time frame, I am confident in saying that you run the highest quality operation possible.

From your staff, to your on site supervisors, to your own skill, passion and knowledge, you truly put your patients welfare, first and foremost. Your workers approach their patient with a “family like” devotion, yet always maintaining that professional boundary. Your staff are trained to the specifics of their patient’ s care, are continually educated and supported in their assignment, and are clearly happy in their work.

On behalf of Mrs. Arthur, and on my own accord, I thank you for having done and continuing to do an outstanding job in providing 24-hour home care to this dear friend and neighbor. This letter is intended to convey my highest confidence in your company, in your skills, and in your ability to manage very complicated multifaceted scenarios that probably accompany most cases such as this one.

Catherine TJ Howe Psy.D.  |  Ipswich, MA  |  January 2012

Dear Joanne:

As months have passed since we lost our dear Marlys, we think often about her care and the experience we had with Aberdeen. So much happened in the eight years that you provided her care; we will try to identify our overall appreciation of the care that was provided to her, and some highlights.

In the transition of another care manager out and you as the new care manager, we knew that you were capable, passionate and committed to her wellbeing. You worked diligently to assure that her physician was aware on any and all changes, often accompanying her to those appointments and to various specialists to ensure that proper action was taken, and that her needs were clearly understood, as she was unable to advocate for herself. You monitored her closely, and in many instances were more aware of her needs and condition than even her primary care physician.

In the many years that you provided care to her at home, her case grew from a few hours a day, to 24-hour care. Although she resisted this initially, your staff became as family to her, and worked tirelessly to form a trust and bond that would allow her to be more accepting of care. The kindness, compassion and skill that you and your team demonstrated, identifies you as top in your field. Having known of other providers, there is a clear difference in quality, commitment, initiative, knowledge and skill, evidenced by Marly’s well being, sense of safety and security, and relationship that was built with the staff.

From the ladies bringing her home cooked meals, to taking her home during a prolonged power outage, to tailoring clothing to fit, providing a pet fish, thoughtful and clever interventions helped her through the years as her condition worsened and her abilities decreased. Maintaining her dignity was paramount on your agenda, and it was clear that you and your staff cared for her as if she was your own cherished family member. The nursing piece of the care, provided by you, was like having our own private VNA to rely on. You knew her so well, that we felt completely comfortable having you -”fill in” for us as Health Care Proxy when we were away on vacation.

In the last month, from the tender care delivered by your team both at the hospital and at home, you honored the commitment to keep her in her own home until the end, which was her wish. The respect, care, devotion and love for her was apparent with each and every staff member who attended her. In a last gift of love, your staff all participated in her’ chosen burial at sea, honored to have been a part of her life  and care.

Please use this letter in any manner that is helpful to educate and assist others in understanding only some of the things that make Aberdeen our only choice for private duty care. This letter comes with our complete support and most confident referral for those who are looking for the most outstanding quality home care available.

Roger Corbin and Liz Serpa  |  Gloucester, MA  |  June 2011

Dear Joanne:

I was organizing some pictures of my parents the other day, and was reflecting on how fortunate we were to have had them so close to us for so many years. That we were able to do so was due in no small part to the unbelievable support your agency provided. Whether it was in our home, in their assisted living apartment, or even during hospital stays, your staff provided the “just right” care, assistance and safety-net that maximized their comfort, enjoyment of life, and sense of independence, while easing our anxiety over “everything being OK.” This was no easy task as their case kept getting more complex as they became increasingly fragile. But your intuitive expertise, the skills of the staff, and your close communication with Ruth and me, (and the encouraging words you always had for us) held it all together to the great benefit of Mom and Dad.

I want to add as well, that I felt during those years as if there were a melding between our two families — your Aberdeen family becoming an adjunct part of our Cooper family. I could see it in the eyes of the staff who interacted with my parents with a level of care, respect and compassion that went beyond the basics — it was evident in the determination of the Aberdeen caregivers who continually made adjustments and provided whatever was needed to meet my parents’ ever-changing health and ability profiles — and I could feel it from you, Joanne — not only did Ruth and I come to feel that you and the Aberdeen staff were part of our family, but I think that my parents in some way became a part of your family and truthfully, we felt your staff cared for them as if they were their own parents. In sum, we feel Aberdeen provided magnificent care.

Forever grateful to you…

Kenneth B. Cooper, Ph.D.  |  Ipswich, MA  |  March 2011

Dear Joanne.

I am prompted to write after having hired you to provide in home private duty care for two of my long-term clients on the North Shore. Both of these families have had long time experience with private in-home staff. I have considerable experience with a wide variety of home care companies that serve the North Shore and beyond.

I have found your services to be of the highest quality. You have responded immediately to problems and issues that have arisen, and have proposed and implemented successful solutions to what could have been complex matters.

What I appreciate the most is your insight into how to make these cases work to their best potential. You are a good listener, and understand well the challenges that clients face as they contemplate letting caregivers into their lives for the first time. You have been flexible in meeting the needs of the patients and families, and were willing to take on duties not necessarily part of  your usual practice, for the sake of the best coordination of the case.

I have found your staff to be highly motivated, professional, skillful and courteous. And those I’ve met love working for you – very high praise, indeed! As a team, you coordinate well to solve problems efficiently and effectively. Your own availability to one particular patient in need of skilled nursing services required two visits daily. This made all the difference for the patient and the caregivers on the case.

I have found working with you to be a real pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone seeking the highest level of private home care.

Alida L. Bryant  |  Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA  |  February 2011

Dear Joanne:

As I briefly related to you recently, about fifteen years ago, I had the task of providing for my mother’s home health care during a five-year span while she was bedridden with advanced Parkinson’s disease and was fed via a gastric tube.

My father had predeceased my mother by several years, and shortly before he passed, he requested that my mother not be allowed to go into a nursing home. As the eldest of four boys, I made all the arrangements for my mother’s residential care from advertising for home health aides, to interviewing, hiring, dismissing, rescheduling and paying three to four aides on a twenty-four hour a day basis. I even did the weekly grocery shopping. Although I became relatively adept at managing my mother’s care, it became more like managing a business with the 1099’s, W-2’s, withholding taxes, etc.

I had too many challenging experiences to relate to you within the confines of this letter, but [ did have a very disturbing situation when a home health aide unexpectedly failed to come to work; informing me that she had injured her back while changing my mother’s bedding.

Shortly after being informed of her injury, I received a claim letter from a personal injury attorney who informed me that the aide was entitled to Workers’ Compensation, and that my failure to provide that coverage was a civil and criminal violation of the Massachusetts statute. I began receiving letters from the Division of Industrial Accidents informing me that I would be directly liable for any monies that the Commonwealth paid out to the injured aide as a result of my failure to provide requisite insurance. That claim was eventually settled for $25,000.00.

I also received notice from the Internal Revenue Service informing me that the IRS believed that the aides should be treated as employees rather than as independent contractors, notwithstanding that some aides worked for multiple patients. Consequently, I was required to have a bookkeeping service and providing mandatory payroll withholding taxes.

Joanne, I have great respect for the job that you do, and it is not always enough for a caring family member to be well-intentioned. The experience that you render includes not only the best nursing skills and practices, but also provides for the professional business management of each patient’s care. Not a job for the faint-hearted, which I have personally learned not to take for granted!

Marc N. Sandler, Esq., Sandler & Laramie  |  Gloucester, MA  |  January 2011

I wanted to send you a letter to thank you for your incredible professionalism over the past 8 years.

You have worked with a number of our clients over the years and come second to no other agency when it comes to expert knowledge of elder care.

Your staff is highly qualified, professional, compassionate and a pleasure to work with.

The feedback from my clients’ families provides the confidence we need to refer you in any situation. Your expert ability, to keep elders safe at home, improves their quality of life and greatly improves the life experience for the client and their entire family.

Lucas Noble CFP®, ChFC, CASL, CERTIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PRACTIONER Financial Services Representative  |  Wakefield, MA

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