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Self-Care Inventory

In a time of unprecedented chaos in the outside world, this chaos can find its way inside of us and take its toll. Joanne MacInnis RN, President of Aberdeen, proposes we all take a Daily Self Inventory. We can't really know how to help ourselves until we know…where we are. In a world that is spinning in ways that can feel out of control, it's crucial to stay empowered…if even in small ways.

Start by asking yourself these three questions:

  1. How is my body today?
  2. How is my brain working today?
  3. What am I feeling?

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Find your joy.

Look for FOUR things every day that are life-affirming and bring you joy.

They can be inside, outside, or don’t have to be “things” at all. Maybe it’s the feeling of the sun on your face, a hot cup of coffee with *just* the right amount of milk and sugar, your favorite reading chair, and the sound of the birds chirping in a nearby tree.

Find your balance. Bring the oil and water together in your mind, and focus on normalcy in a world that seems everything-but. In our new reality of COVID-19, we might feel guilty about feeling happy, even for a moment. That serves no one.

find joy

We can create control… where it seems we have none. 

Let’s reflect. What went well this week? What can I do better next week?

Discomfort: We are all coping with it: physically, emotionally… in every way. Our routines are upside-down, our lives are upside-down… As we deal with isolation and our separateness from the rest of the world, be thinking about the control that WE actually have. 

What worked well last week (let’s do that again), and what didn’t go so well? Build-in something to improve YOUR quality of life. Good self-care is all your own doing. Become the best caregiver to YOURSELF. It's true that sometimes caregivers are great at caring for others… and we end up at the bottom of the list. Now is the time… to make that change. 

This is a time to remember that we have a responsibility to ourselves. 

We’ve been given a body, a mind, and a spirit, and we need to be taking care of those components of ourselves – which is our whole self – so that we can be of service to others. I hope this video helps you as we navigate this place that is new and different, confusing, and disturbing. Remember, we can access our OWN empowerment. Use that to try and bring the best you can to your life in these circumstances.

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