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Keeping our Clients, Staff, and Communities SAFE during COVID-19 containment efforts.

A Message from Joanne MacInnis, RN


to our incredible team, our office staff, our Administration, our on-call coordinators and nurses, and our Caregiving TEAM. 

Yet again…we are showing our community how: Dedicated, Professional and PROACTIVE we are during this difficult time. 

We began our COVID-19 outreach and education plan WAY out in advance to keep our Clients, Families, AND Staff: SAFE. 

Behind the Scenes, we are working 24/7 FOR YOU. I have heard from many sources, that ABERDEEN was “Way Ahead of the Curve” on all matters COVID-19. 

We are continuing to: Call, Text, Email, Post on Social Media and our website, speak to the Community through our Radio Program, running LIVE M-F at 8:45 am and Sunday morning at 7:30 am(North Shore 104.9 FM), and our weekly COVID-19 articles that are published locally. 

WE are staying on top of all Department of Public Health matters. WE will be bringing you ALL UPDATED INFORMATION as it is available. 

Stay informed from RELIABLE sources, and again…


That’s the way we all became the Aberdeen Bunch…

(sing to the tune of “The Brady Bunch…”)

Here’s a story
Of a Home Care Agency
Who were busy with clients of their own
Here are 9 people, working remotely,
But they were NOT alone.
And the 90 staff
We have caring for clients
Are hero’s truly, each and every one
We are banding close together
During COVID
The battle will be WON.
The Aberdeen, The Aberdeen,
That’s the way, we became the
Bunch Called … Aberdeen.

Second Chapter, of office Aberdeen

Who were busy working Oh so hard at home

The rest of our amazing crew, are caring for Clients

But they were not “a lome.”

Reaching out to Aberdeen Team, is what we do.

With our calls, visits, thanks and yes our prayer

With their masks and gloves, they carry so bravely

Heros all, they need to know how much we care.

Team Aberdeen…

Team Aberdeen…

We are oh so proud of our

Amazing team, it’s ABERDEEN.

Labor Law Posting

A provision of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) is as follows: The position of Home Care Provider (CNA, CHHA, and Nursing) is one that meets the definition of Health Care Provider as defined by 29CFR Part 826.30[c] (1) and, as such, is excluded from the category of individuals who are eligible for Emergency Paid Family and Medical Leave or Emergency Paid Sick Leave.

An excerpt from the DOL FFCRA FAQs explains further:

Who is a “health care provider” who may be excluded by their employer from paid sick leave and/or expanded family and medical leave?

For the purposes of employees who may be exempted from paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave by their employer under the FFCRA, a health care provider is anyone employed at any doctor’s office, hospital, health care center, clinic, post-secondary educational institution offering health care instruction, medical school, local health department or agency, nursing facility, retirement facility, nursing home, home health care provider, any facility that performs laboratory or medical testing, pharmacy, or any similar institution, employer, or entity. This includes any permanent or temporary institution, facility, location, or site where medical services are provided that are similar to such institutions.

This definition includes any individual employed by an entity that contracts with any of the above institutions, employers, or entities institutions to provide services or to maintain the operation of the facility. This also includes anyone employed by any entity that provides medical services, produces medical products, or is otherwise involved in the making of COVID-19 related medical equipment, tests, drugs, vaccines, diagnostic vehicles, or treatments. This also includes any individual that the highest official of a state or territory, including the District of Columbia, determines is a health care provider necessary for that state’s or territory’s or the District of Columbia’s response to COVID-19.

Stay Connected with Us.

We’ll be posting updates on our website, our Social Media accounts (links below), emailing/texting/calling you, and sending you notices via U.S. Mail. Please keep an eye out for any communication from Aberdeen.

Take good care, and be well.

You don’t have to go it alone.

For an immediate response: Please Call 978-500-5161.
For next business day response: Please use the form below