Thanks, but I don’t need any help.


"Thanks, but I don’t need any help." The old saying goes, that it’s hard to sell underarm deodorant to someone who doesn’t think they smell… Similarly, much of the barrier in getting help for elders, who very much need it, is difference of opinion. Memory, visual, and other sensory losses can mask problems [...]

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Caring Voice


Caring Voice Original, insightful, and absolutely essential elder health and wellness expertise for seniors and their families. You don't have to go it alone. Caring Voice Elder Health & Wellness Podcast Where can I listen? Click here to subscribe to Caring Voice on Spotify or [...]

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What Do Mom and Dad Want?


What Do Mom and Dad Want? In the college application process, you don’t apply for admission and pack the car the week before classes start. It just doesn’t work that way. The same strategy holds true in the planning process for elder care needs. Every family has unique needs and wants. Some elders [...]

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