Medication Management

“Dad, this milk expired a month ago.” Yikes!


"Dad, this milk expired a month ago." Yikes! Proper Nutrition and Hydration Are KEY Have you ever looked deeply in the fridge and found items that should have been discarded long ago? You are not alone. In a recent blog post, we talked about the importance of taking the correct medications. In [...]

“Dad, this milk expired a month ago.” Yikes!2019-01-06T21:58:47+00:00

I’m Handling Mom’s Medications… HELP!


I'm Handling Mom's Medications... HELP! A Recipe for Success. After two trips to the Emergency Room for dizziness and some disorientation, it was determined that Nicole’s mom was confusing her medications. She was seriously dehydrated, which brought her blood pressure down, as she had been taking four of her diuretic medications each [...]

I’m Handling Mom’s Medications… HELP!2019-01-06T16:19:06+00:00
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