We are a dynamic private duty home care agency, providing concierge level in-home care to clients on the North Shore for over 20-years. Our agency is well-respected in and out of the health care community and is regarded as having “set the bar” for outstanding care.

We’re looking for the best caregivers in the industry.

  • Woman/Nurse-owned company of 20 years
  • Supportive team culture
  • Outstanding reputation as “Top Choice Concierge Agency”
  • 5-STAR Google & Facebook Ratings
  • Highly competitive pay
  • Serving North Shore, Southern NH, and Greater Boston
  • Unparalleled nursing oversight and support
  • Weekly pay & direct deposit
  • High Employer 401 (k) Match / Retirement Savings
  • Appreciation bonus opportunities throughout the year
  • Gift cards / employee appreciation & recognition / birthday perks
  • Paid Life Insurance Policy
  • Paid training and in-services
  • Mileage reimbursement if you transport client
  • Extensive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and comprehensive Infection Control training for COVID-19 preparedness
  • Flexible schedule works around your school learning schedule

*Some weekend availability required.

But don’t take our word for it…

Testimonial from Kelly about being an Aberdeen caregiver:

I have always had a nurturing spirit and felt called to do home care after I cared for many family members and neighbors during rehabilitation, cancer treatments, and end of life care. I decided to switch careers and became a Certified Nurse Assistant. Working in the privacy of my client’s home, where they feel comfortable and the atmosphere provides for their own healing, the natural choice for me was to find a company that sees the client as a whole person and respects all their needs. Aberdeen is that and more. I find such satisfaction in working with my clients while being supported by the knowledgeable team at Aberdeen. I have never done work that feels more rewarding and important to me than being there for my clients and their families during, often, a very challenging period in their lives. For the client, it takes a bit of trust and vulnerability to let someone into your private space and provide care. I respect and honor the opportunity to be allowed to care for our clients. Working for Aberdeen has been amazing. They share the same compassion and caring that I strive to give my clients every day.

Testimonial from Kelly during the COVID-19 pandemic, April 2020:

I appreciate your videos, the information coming from HR and I feel very loved and supported by our office staff, and your consideration for our care and the care of our clients.  It has been a pleasure working for you during this time.  At a time where leadership is lacking in the country, your leadership has been of great logic and comfort. You should be in charge of the Covid-19 task force for the country! Thank you so much for everything. I love that you even provided a self-care checklist. These are things I’m doing already but to see that come from the office was so special.

I wanted to thank you so much for giving Chanelle and I the opportunity at Aberdeen this summer! We have had an amazing patient care experience.

Prior to Aberdeen, I had worked at several nursing homes. The CNAs and Nurses, even the management, did not make me feel as I was part of a team and I never felt appreciated. I remember going home every day wanting to cry because of how horrible I felt after each shift.

Aberdeen has overwhelmed me with support and kindness and has restored my faith that there are still companies who hold their values and treat their employee in amazing ways. I am so sad to go back to school for these short couple months and pause working, however, we are hoping to pick up shifts as we make our way back to the North Shore towards November!

You have been generous to me and I am beyond grateful. My confidence and knowledge as a student nurse has grown tremendously since I started working. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove myself. I look forward to the future.

I consider it a great privilege to work with the clients and families in Aberdeen’s care.  I have so enjoyed the relationships which have been established, the opportunity to meet and know people who have lived extraordinary lives.  I have also been gratified by the knowledge that as a team we are providing the very best care to our clients, working closely with their loved ones and other providers, making it possible for people to stay in the comfort of their homes, and experience the best possible quality of life.  I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that both requires and fully supports the highest standards of care – with expert supervision, plenty of encouragement, and with ample practical advice and teaching.  Thank you Aberdeen.

For over 10 years, I have held Human Resources leadership roles in well-known home care agencies. Joining a new Home Care agency had several criteria for me, with a focus on a quality of work experience, quality of care provided, and operating on a philosophy of mutual care and respect. This is precisely what I have found at Aberdeen Home Care and what I feel sets them apart in the marketplace of private duty home care, here on the North Shore.

Aberdeen is proud to stand by its goal to provide a concierge level of private duty home care, demonstrated by exceptional staff throughout all levels of client care and the skill level and compassion of caregivers.

Aberdeen is an agency that has set the bar demonstrating the highest standards of practice, from office to bedside, and it is my pleasure and privilege to have joined this team of outstanding professionals.

Aberdeen is a company that has exceptional compassion for all clients that they have, but Aberdeen not only cares for their clients, they also care deeply for the family members.

All Aberdeen employees have gone above and beyond to the exceptional care the Aberdeen staff gives. Going to Doctor appointments with the client and asking important questions the family may forget or not realize to ask, or staying later than the shift is, are only a couple things we will do.

Working for Aberdeen is not only a job, it is a family-feeling company. No other company cares as much about their staff as Aberdeen does. There is always someone to reach out to 24/7 if you are in need personally or regarding a case you are on. Aberdeen makes it a pleasure to go to work.

I have been working as a nurse for Aberdeen Home Care for over 15 years. This is by far the best agency to work for, Joanne MacInnis is a hands-on boss and makes herself available to staff as well as families.

Although I officially retired [from a Hospice agency working as an LPN] in October 2017, I continue to work for Aberdeen. I love being able to give 1:1 care to my patients and have an opportunity to get to know the families as well. It is truly a team effort between the patient, families, nursing, aides and office staff that results in the best outcomes for all involved.

I can truly say I love my job!!!

Working [at Aberdeen] has been very inspiring, educative and motivational. Even though it was my first time working as a home care aide, I got to work with a wonderful team, especially my coworkers… The professionalism and teamwork between workers and exchange of information whether through emails, texts, calls or written reports was very organized and made less room for errors or miscommunication. I admired that I could contact my coworkers or the on-call nurse if I had questions or concerns and they were able to respond when needed. I truly appreciated the encouragement from my supervisors and those who knew more than I did about the job, their help and support let me know I was doing my best and to also do better next time around.

Thank you so much for making my first summer job in Massachusetts memorable. I will not forget my time at Aberdeen and I hope when I come back from school I can be able to pick up more hours and continue to work at Aberdeen.

Thank you all again for this opportunity. Thank you to all my coworkers.

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