What are Clients and respected professionals in our community saying about Aberdeen Home Care?

Catherine TJ Howe, Psy.D.

Ipswich, MA

“I could never have anticipated the complexity of a home care patient in her condition, and all that she would need. Your skill in the selection and development of a team of caregivers who not only had the skills to care for her physical needs but also to see her as the whole person that she is, whose mind, body and spirit needed care has made this a wonderful experience. Your caregivers not only have superior skills for meeting her every need but also for creating an atmosphere of well-being which has been as therapeutic as any medication or treatment. The bond that she has made with the team, the trust she has placed in them, and the quality of life she is now experiencing as a result of her caregivers’ skill and craft, amazes me.

I have been impressed and appreciative of how well you and your agency have worked with the various community health providers, both VNA and Hospice, and how well your services have complimented the others. Your efforts to coordinate care and always have everyone on the same page” were both evident and appreciated by me.

From your staff to your on-site supervisors, to your own skill, passion and knowledge, you truly put your patients’ welfare first and foremost. Your workers approach their patient with a family-like devotion, yet always maintain that professional boundary. Your staff are trained to the specifics of their patient’s care and are continually educated and supported in their assignment, and are clearly happy in their work.”


Alida Bryant, Elder Care Advocate

Manchester, MA

“What I appreciate the most is your insight into how to make these cases work to their best potential. You are a good listener, and understand well the challenges that clients face as they contemplate letting caregivers into their lives for the first time. You have been flexible in meeting the needs of the patients and families and were willing to take on duties not necessarily part of your usual practice, for the sake of the best coordination of the case.

I have found your staff to be highly motivated, professional, skillful and courteous. And those I’ve met, love working for you – very high praise, indeed! As a team, you coordinate well to solve problems efficiently and effectively. Your own availability to one particular patient in need of skilled nursing services, required two visits daily. This made all the difference for the patient and caregivers on this case.

I have found working with you to be a real pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone seeking the highest level of private home care.” 


Marc N. Sandler

Gloucester, MA

“Joanne, I have great respect for the job that you do, and it is not always enough for a caring family member to be well intentioned. The experience that your render includes not only the best nursing skills and practices, but also provides for the professional business management of each patient’s care. Not a job for the faint-hearted, which I have personally learned not to take for granted.”


Roger Corbin and Liz Serpa

Gloucester, MA

“We knew that you were capable, passionate and committed to her wellbeing. You worked diligently to assure that her physician was aware of any and all changes, often accompanying her to those appointments and to various specialists to ensure that proper action was taken and that her needs were clearly understood as she was not able to advocate for herself. You monitored her closely and in many instances identified issues early on that could have become serious health issues.

In the many years that you provided care to her at home, her case grew from a few hours a day, to 24 hour care. Although she resisted this initially you staff became as family to her, and worked tirelessly to form a trust and bond that would allow her to be more accepting of care. The kindness, compassion and skill that you and your team demonstrated, identifies you as top in your field. Having known other providers, there is a clear difference in quality, commitment initiative, knowledge and skill as evidenced by her wellbeing, sense of safety and security.

Please use this letter in any manner helpful to educate and assist others in understanding only some of the things that make Aberdeen our only choice for private duty care. This letter comes with our complete support and most confident referral for those who are looking for the most outstanding quality home care available.”


Mike Poor

Marblehead, MA

“Aberdeen Home Care was the best phone call we ever made. Our family was provided with information necessary to understand the process ahead of us. You and your staff became family. Your guidance was such a comfort for each of us as the reality of our loss began to sink in. Each of your staff knew the importance of being unobtrusive when a family member was at the bedside. Each one understood their role as caregiver and had such compassion for the situation. Each transition of staff was smooth and they were punctual always, and often staying after their shift. On behalf of my siblings and our extended family, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff of Aberdeen Home Care Inc.”


Nanny Noyes

Marblehead, MA

“We knew about Aberdeen from some friends who had used your services, but we never expected the level of care that we have received. Truly, everyone who has come into our lives as a result of Aberdeen has been nothing short of awesome! We cannot thank you all enough for helping us help Dad reclaim some of his old life.”



Rosemary Attridge

Gloucester, MA

“Although I officially retired [from a Hospice agency working as a LPN] in October I continue to work for Aberdeen. I love being able to give 1:1 care to my patients and have an opportunity to get to know the families as well. It is truly a team effort between the patient, families, nursing, aides and office staff that results in the best outcomes for all involved.”

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